Yes, I know.  We have not updated the website in ages.  The excuses are endless, but in short…we took too many pictures and movies for our computer to handle, so it froze and wouldn’t process anything until we started purging things.  Don’t worry, we didn’t get rid of any memories.  Instead, we backed up most of our files and then started freeing up the space on our computer.  This has been a long and tedious task, but we are getting somewhere with it.

In the meantime, the little one is sitting on my lap as I write this post.  She is absolutely beautiful, and so amazing, and yet quite squirmy.  So, I cannot write much more.  She is, without a doubt, definitely the best thing that has ever happened to us.  We are truly blessed.  Oh, she is trying to type. 

A message from Lili…

“jnjn  k,,khb jgfvcxedexzcbm  m , ,…….,kl k   bv vvccfqqw3eewqgh.”

So, since what everyone wants to see are more pictures of Liliana, I have posted what I can.  We hope you enjoy.  Now, we are off to the Consulate to finalize the adoption!


Daddy cuddling LilianaDaddy cuddling little Liliana.



Liliana handprintLiliana making a handprint for her finalization papers.



Liliana's adoption papersLiliana’s adoption papers with her handprint.



Daddy's first diaper changeDaddy’s first diaper change.  Don’t you just love the duct tape?



Liliana playingLiliana playing in the morning.



Liliana sucking fingersLiliana sucking her fingers on the way to the Buddhist Temple.



Papa, Bailey & Liliana, Lake

Jerry, Bailey and Liliana at the Buddhist Temple.



Jerry, Bailey, Travis, Liliana LakeJerry, Bailey, Travis, and Liliana at the Buddhist Temple.



Mommy and Liliana at the lake.Mommy and Liliana at the lake.



Temple LadyA very happy lady at the Buddhist Temple.



Daddy carrierDaddy carrying Liliana in the carrier.



Jerry dancing at Miao villageJerry dancing at the Miao village…he really knows how to boogy!



Miao villagerMiao villager.



Liliana and jinjiLiliana and her friend Jinji in their province of Guizhou.



Liliana and beef jerky“Well Papa Bruce, I sure do like beef jerky!”



Liliana's first plane rideLiliana’s first plane ride.  She sure is a trooper!



Liliana plane windowLiliana looking the plane window.



Liliana's sweet faceLiliana looking out the window.  We are just awed by this sweet, beautiful, little face.



Liliana eating riceLiliana is a great eater!  “I said that I wanted more rice!!!”



Liliana ready for bedStriking a pose for mommy.



Liliana smirk“Awe mom…not another picture!”



Play with mommyLiliana playing with mommy before bed.



Little feetJust look at these precious little feet!



Trav, Patty, and LilianaTravis, Nana “Shoo”, and Liliana setting off to go shopping at the Jade and Pearl market.



Laughing on the busLiliana laughing on the bus with Nana Schu.



Visa poseLiliana posing for her first Visa picture.  Don’t you just love her hair?



Final Visa photoLiliana’s final visa photo…just love the wild hair!



Purple dressDoesn’t she look gorgeous in her purple dress?



Red Couch friends“Just hangin’ with my friend on the Red Couch.”



Daddy Lili purple dressDaddy and Liliana.  A tender moment.



Patty and LilianaPatty and Liliana in front of the waterfall in the White Swan Hotel.



Franz and Liliana waterfallNana and Papa Franz and Liliana in front of the waterfall.



Nana and LiliNana Franz holding Liliana who is sporting a fancy little hat.



Family photoWe are finally a family…



Well, we hope that these photos help to pacify the interests of all our family and friends far away.  Sorry again for not updating for a while.  We are leaving China tonight on a long flight home.  Look for updates soon…