December 2006

Liliana and SantaThis year was the first Christmas that we got to spend as a family with Liliana.  Although I was ill for most of December, I was able to get better right before the holidays arrived…just in time to celebrate.  Liliana crying with SantaWe took Liliana to the mall for her first visit with Santa.  Considering the fact that she is absolutely terrified of anyone with facial hair (something that she never saw while in China), she did pretty good with Santa.  That is, until the very end of her when she started to cry.  We still think that she did remarkably well considering she is only nine months old.  Fortunately, we were able to get a good photo of her with Santa to put in her memory book.

Liliana looking at her first tree

This Christmas brought about many wonders and joys for Liliana.  Liliana observing tree lightsShe loves the lights that decorate our Christmas tree.  She and Travis have spent many evenings at the tree observing the beautiful lights and ornaments.  She seems simply awed by the sight of something so new and beautiful.  When daddy was not around, she actually walked right up to the tree and looked in amazement at all of the twinkling lights.

Liliana tracking Santa at NORADChristmas Eve found Liliana eagerly tracking Santa via NORAD and the internet.  She was so Liliana Elf Bowling Christmas Eveexcited to use the computer (with a little help from mommy) to find out exactly where he was at any given time.  If you look at the picture closely, you can see that she was carefully following his path through the United States.  Once he made it past Florida though, she knew that she needed to go to bed for the night.  However, before Liliana would make her way to her room, she found time to take in a game of Elf Bowling.

Liliana opening presentsLiliana and Baby Einstein ActivityOn Christmas Day, Liliana’s favorite activity was ripping through her gifts from both Santa and family (we had a feeling that she would enjoy opening presents since she just loves ripping through kleenex and tissue paper).  Her favorite gifts were the Baby Einstein activity center given to her by her grandparents, Liliana and the stacking ringsNana and Papa Franz, and a set of colorful stacking rings that offer her hours of entertainment.  Liliana and red Hawaiian dressShe also fell in love with a beautiful, colorful dress from Hawaii that she cannot wait to wear someday soon.



Liliana laughing on ChristmasOf course, at the end of the day, 2006 Christmas famiy photowhat we enjoyed most was the laughter we shared as a family.  Liliana really has brought so much love and joy to our family, and was the greatest gift we could have received for Christmas.  The Lord definitely blessed our family this year.  We thoroughly look forward to many more joyous holidays as a family to come.

Liliana in her Santa hatSo, with the wesite updated with Christmas news and photos, I will leave you with one last photo of our little one in her cute Santa hat (she looks just like a little elf!).  Don’t forget, you can click on any of the pictures to see full-size images, and also, keep checking back for updates and video.  May peace be with you all.


2006 Christmas Card












…and to all a Happy New Year!!!

Liliana definitely loves her food.  Aside from rice, she also loves eating noodles.   Unfortunately, without mommy’s help,when she eats them more end up everywhere else other than in her mouth.  But, much fun is had by all.  Below is a series of photos of her enjoying a bunch of lunch noodles.  You can click on any image to see a larger version.



 ”Noodles are pretty tasty.  I think I like them.”





 ”I’m not very good at eating them though.  I only seem to be able to get them in my mouth with my whole fist.  I just shove them in!” 





 ”You know what?  Noodles are really messy.  Just look at my hands!”





 ”Actually, they are really fun to play with, and kinda squooshy too.”





 ”I am having a really fun time, and mommy thinks I’m silly.”






 ”So, I will just start blowing raspberries!  Wow, raspberries and noodles, a great mix.”





 ”All I gotta say is Noodles Rock!!!!!”



In short, Liliana was really sick for the first week, now mommy is sick and not getting better.  But, Liliana continues to be the light of our lives.  So, after much anticipation from all of her fans, here are some pictures of Liliana since she has been home.  Enjoy!

Little InvestigatorThe world holds so much wonder to Liliana.  Here she is just checkin’ things out.



Sitting on the FloorJust sitting on the floor.



Soup!“Mmmmm daddy, that soup looks delicious!”



Wake-up hair“Yup…sometimes I wake-up looking this beautiful.  Just call me ‘Baby Big Hair!’”



Winter Bundle Up“This is how we bundle ourselves up during the Winter months in South Dakota.”



Reindeer LightsThe beautiful Christmas lights at Storybook Island.



My Crazy Mommy“My Mommy is crazy…she thinks that coming out here at night to see these lights is fun!?!”



Daddy in Lighted Tunnel“Yup, its a conspiracy…even Daddy tried to get in on the ‘fun’ outdoor lights!  Oh, I was so much happier in our warm home.”



Sleepy Time“Oh…this is so much better!  After a long hard day out on the town, I usually just fall asleep anywhere.”


 Beautiful Sleeping BabyOur little Beautiful Sleeping Angel.