January 2007

Liliana looking around a cornerAs soon at we decided to have children, one of the first things that I knew I wanted to do was to teach my child American Sign Language.  ASL is a wonderful way for hearing children to communicate their wants and needs to their parents.  ISigning helps to alleviate much of the frustration that children feel when they cannot communicate what they want.  Studies have shown that much of the difficulty that parents encounter during the “terrible twos” stems from children not being able to communicate to their parents.

To help Liliana learn ASL, I found a great set of DVDs called Signing Time.  The videos are catered to hearing children to help them learn ASL in a fun and friendly way.  Well, Liliana loves watching the DVDs.  She gets so excited each day when we play the video for her, she just bounces up and down with enthusiasm.  She is slowly learning a few signs, but we expect her signing vocabulary to pick up quickly.  At ten months old, she can already sign the words “more” and “milk.”

Check out our DropShots photo account to see a video of Liliana signing the word “more” to us.  There are also several new photos posted.

Aloha til next time! 

Liliana in her Bumpo Oh, our little girl is changing every day.  We have been watching her struggle to walk over the past few weeks.  Mostly, she walks while holding onto something, the coffee table, the couch, the wall.  However, over the past few days she has gotten much more daring and has ventured away from these objects to attempt a few steps on her own.  Well, her persistence paid off today when she was finally able to take a few steps on her own.  We were able to catch some of the fun on video today.  Check it out by clicking the link if you get the chance.  The video is pretty cute.

Bathing in the sinkToday, despite the sub-freezing temperatures outside, we ventured outside to go to lunch.  Daddy starts school next week, so this would be the last opportunity for us to be able to eat lunch together as a family until summer.  We headed on over to a nice little Chinese restaurant that serves really good food.  As soon as we walked in the door, Liliana was the center of attention.  Our waitress fell in love with Lili, and enjoyed playing with her and talking to her in Mandarin.  Lili seemed to have a great time as well, and smiled and laughed throughout the meal.

After lunch, we headed home, and put the little one down for a nap.  When she awoke, she was nice and ready to start eating yet again (that’s Lili, our good little eater!).  Rather than feeding her with a spoon, we decided to let her feed herself the entire meal with her hands (she does not yet have the dexterity for a spoon, but she is working on it).  She was easily able to eat her noodles, and enjoyed every last one of them.  We then fed her some strawberry applesauce (one of her all-time favorites).  Now, before you start criticizing our child rearing methods, keep in mind that we did read about this idea from a parenting magazine.  We took her applesause and just plopped some on her highchair tray.  She had a blast finger painting with the sauce, and then eating when she was so inclined.  This was a very messy meal for her, but she enjoyed herself, and we had a good time as a family.  We were able to capture some of the messier moments on film and VIDEO, so if you visit the DropShots site, you will be able to see all of the day’s photos there.

After dinner, we felt the need to hose down our little girl.  Unfortunately, because the temperature outside at the time was -3F degrees, we opted to bathe her inside instead.  We filled up the kitchen sink and plopped her inside.  She was a little hesitant at first, but as soon as Daddy brought some bath toys to play with, she knew what was going on.  She had a blast splashing around while getting good and squeeky clean.

All in all it was a good, fun family day.  Til next time…Aloha!

Pink outfit with hatWith the amount of precious time that it takes to upload pictures to this site, I have decided to make a change.  This change, I believe, it will make things much easier for everyone involved.  Less time-consuming for me, and easier for you to view.  I will now be posting most of my photos into my DropShots account.  You can view the photos there, just like you can here, but it takes me much less time to update the site (as I am sure you know, time is very precious when you are a parent).  I will still continue to update this page with the big stuff as well as a few pictures here and there.  I will also inculde links to the Dropshots page.  What will change is that most of the photos I post will be at DropShots from now on.  Check out the site (it is where you have gone before to look at videos), and you will notice that the photos are arranged by date.  Each photo includes a caption that gives information about the shot, and also allows you to leave a comment if you like.  Pretty easy.  To get you started, click on any of the DropShots words in this post.  [I have also added the Dropshots link to the Essential Sites on the right of this web page].  Some of the photos on the site are ones you have seen before, some I had not posted before, so look through them all.  My favorite post is from December 23, the second picture.  The caption that goes along with the photo is priceless.  It is taken directly from Daddy’s website (he is VERY funny).  If you get the chance, check out his site too.  However, make sure you have some time…he has a lot to say!

I hope this information helps everyone and makes the viewing of Liliana and her life in South Dakota that much easier.  If you have any questions of comments, feel free to contact me.


Messy faceWhile at home, as most of you know, Liliana thoroughly enjoys eating.  Kicking backWhat is so cute is her complete comfort in doing so.  During and after eating she just loves to prop her leg up on the side of her high-chair.  I have decided that she just really likes to lounge.  High chair smileEating is also the time when we get to see her laugh and smile a lot.  Liliana cryingUnfortunately, she does not enjoy eating everything that we put in front of her (like her vegetables!), as can be seen in this photo where she is crying, as well as this video.  I believe that we had just fed her some carrots and sweet potatoes…she wanted her applesause.  The video takes about two minute, but is pretty funny and shows in action how she reacts to her vegies.  Oh well, she has must eat her vegies, fortunately she is starting to like them a little bit.Dishwasher helper Liliana  Dishwasher helper LilianaLiliana's messy faceShe has also learned that eating can be very messy, but she seems to love it none-the-less (despite how serious she looks in the photos).  After eating, she does enjoy helping daddy clean up.

Liliana is really becoming a gadget girl.  She loves to play with anything that has buttons or switches.  Below are a series of photos of her playing with two different cellphones, a calculator (yup, we are starting early!), a remote, a sudoku game, and contemplating all of the buttons on a telephone.
Liliana and the cell phone Liliana and her cell phone Playing with a calculator
Remote control Helping mommy play sudoku Contemplating the telephone

One thing that makes us laugh on a daily basis is that our little girl seems to love posing whenever we take pictures.  She likes to “strike a pose” here, and “strike a pose” there.  Every time that she does, we end up laughing hysterically.  Here are just a few of her many poses from around the house.
  Liliana posing for the camera  Liliana posing after bath  Posing in her pink outfit  Lounging around Biting Lip

Pink outfit with hat laughingOf course, our favorite moments with Liliana is when she is smiling and laughing.  She just brightens our day when we see her beaming from ear to ear.  Unfortunately, as soon as the camera comes out, she clams up…so it is difficult to capture those moments.  But, we do have some to share!  Laughing in a box Just finished bathing Laughing Liliana Pink outfit smile Liliana in BW

After all is said and done, there is just not enough time in the day to share everthing that we experience with Liliana on a daily basis.  So, I hope that the following photos will help describe her and our lives together (at least a little bit anyway).  I know that there aren’t many here, but I need to go play with the baby.  I will update soon…  As always, just click on the photos to see them big-size.  Aloha!

“Baby big hair,” as she is so affectionately called, enjoying a nice bottle.


Underneath the activity centerAlthough Liliana loves playing in her Baby Einstein activity center, she also finds great enjoyment in crawling around underneath.  Go figure!


Baker's hat“Oh come on mom, I really do not want to wear this silly hat!”



Don't bug me eaterAs stated before, Liliana really loves to eat.  Her favorite bib right now is this “Don’t bug me” one so that she be serious about her eating without any distractions.


In a boxLiliana received a gift last month from a family member.  After ripping through the wrapping paper, she hopped into the box and started ripping the tissue paper.


Investigating labelsLiliana’s curiosity about everthing all over the house makes us smile.  This day, she very closely investigated the tag on a new teddy bear she received from a friend.  Too cute.




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