Liliana's hands playing with rocksAs I sit here on the first day of 2007, there are so many things that I find amazing.  I just cannot believe that 2006 is gone forever.  I cannot believe that just 6 weeks ago we were half way across the globe in China.  I cannot believe that we Liliana at Christmas Partyfinally have our little girl home.  I cannot believe how totally different our lives are…in a good way.  I cannot believe that I am finally a mommy.

There were many things that happened during the month of December that I didn’t get the chance to post on the site because I was very under the weather.  So, now that I am feeling much better, I will get you all up to speed.

Every month, the ladies that I work with get together for an evening of talk and relaxation.  Liliana and RuiLogan and LilianaDecember was our Christmas get-together, and since we had just returned from China, the ladies wanted me to attend…only if I brought Liliana (yes, I see where I stand on the list of priorities!).  Fortunately for Liliana, there was another little girl there to play with.  Norma and LilianaLogan and Liliana had a good time talking with each other and just hanging out.  Liliana crying end of partyShe also had the opportunity to meet some of my co-workers.  Two people in particular were her favorites…Rui, an art teacher at the school, and Norma, a 6th grade teacher.  Lili seemed to like them both a lot and really enjoyed hangin’ out with the girls at the party.  In the end, Liliana had such a great time with all of the “girls” that she really did not want to go, as seen in the photo at the right.

Liliana SwingingAbout a quarter mile from our house is a nice little family park.  Liliana swinging, Daddy pushingOn one of our nicer winter days, the family decided to take a walk to the park to play.  This has now become a favorite activity of Liliana’s.  While there she loves to swing.  Of course, she really doesn’t get anywhere unless Daddy gives her a little push.  Liliana playing with rocksShe also love to play with the little rocks on the ground.  What is so cute is that she picks them up in her hands and throws them down…then picks them up again.  She is absolutely fascinated with this process and could spend all day doing this.  Passing rocks with DaddyClick here to watch her enthusiasm for rocks.  When possible, she brings Daddy in on the fun, passing the rocks back and forth between them.  Liliana as a Civil EngineerShe also really enjoys placing these little rocks very carefully in a crevice in a nearby log.  Daddy and LilianaDaddy decided that she would make a very good Civil Engineer because of her attention to detail (Papa Bruce would be proud).  Liliana eating rocksOf course what we do have to realize is that she is still only a nine month old baby who just loves to put things in her mouth.  Liliana doing pull-upsFortunately, Daddy plays pretty good defense.  While there, Liliana also enjoys catching up on her calisthenics by doing some pull-ups.  Tire swinging with DaddyDespite all of the fun, at the end of the day after all of the playing and exercising, what Liliana enjoys doing most is just hanging out with Daddy, swinging on the tire-swing.

So, I guess that is it for now…it is time for me to head off to bed.  Liliana at the pard 2006I will finish the “Month in Review” within the next few days.  Keep an eye out for more.  As always, you can see full-size images of any photo by clicking on the picture.  Also, your comments are wonderful to read and much appreciated.  Keep them coming.  Aloha!