Pink hatSo, to put this question to rest that many of my friends who keep checking out our blog for updates have asked…we are still here.  Liliana is changing everyday, growing into such an amazing little girl.  We are so in love with her, and feel absolutely blessed that she is our daughter.  She is not quite 1 year old yet, but will reach that milestone on March 19.  She has changed from the scared, timid baby that we first knew in November, into a funny, happy, giggly little girl who loves exploring the world around her.  She continues to learn sign language, and is adding new words to her vocabulary at an amazing pace.  She is now walking everywhere around the house, albeit like a bit of a drunk, which makes us laugh at every attempt.  Just one week ago, her first tooth cracked through her gums.  We have been waiting for four months for that to happen because she has been slobbering from the day we got her.  She loves playing peek-a-boo, tag, and hide-and-go-seek.  She is a constant observer, watching everything that we are doing and how we do it.  Whenever she can she mimics what we are doing.  She loves playing with her toys, and shows her appreciation for each and every one of them by leaving them in every room in the house.  Yes, she does have her own special drawer in the kitchen that holds many of her things.   But, as soon as we place them in the drawer, she just loves taking them out again.  So, we are working on that one.  She definitely keeps us on our toes.

Liliana looking at the poolLast month, Liliana and Mommy hopped on a plane and flew on out to warm and sunny Florida to visit Nana and Papa, as well as meet her aunt, uncle, and cousin Sara (Daddy had to stay home to work, and he missed Liliana more and more each day).  The visit was wonderful.  Liliana had the opportunity to go swimming, something that she absolutely loved to do.  She also visited Disneyworld where she seemed most fascinated by all of the wonderful music.  Lili loved meeting and playing with her new Cousin Sara, who felt the same for Lili.

Upon returning home, as soon as we walked in the door, Liliana’s eyes lit up with excitement…despite the fact that we arrived home at midnight.  For the next hour she ran (or stumbled) from one room to the other, playing with all of her toys that she hadn’t seen for two weeks.  She was so happy to be home, not only to be with Daddy again, but also to be in her own home…a place that was familiar to her.  Purple smileThinking about it, knowing all of the changes that this little girl has gone through in her short little life, knowing that she was uprooted from all things familiar to her before she knew us, I wonder if she thought that was going to happen again she we left on that first plane to Florida.  It seems to me that could be the reason that she was so thoroughly excited when we returned home.  It just makes me feel good to know that she does recognize our house as her home.  This is her home and we are her family.  That thought just warms my heart.

There are numerous photos that I did not have the time or space on the blog to post.  However, they are all there waiting to be viewed in the dropshots account.  Just link on over and you can see all of the fun Liliana had while visiting Florida, including a celebration of her “almost” first birthday.  Hope you enjoy!