Where do I begin?  This was my first official Mother’s Day as a real honest-to-goodness mother.  I cannot even begin to express how wonderful it was to awaken knowing that I would be celebrating this special day with the most incredible little girl in the world…as her mother.  The feeling was incredible beyond words.  There were butterflies of joy dancing around my stomach all morning just because I was so elated to be celebrating this amazing day with my daughter.  And, boy did Liliana make the day that much more special (I mean seriously, look at her…how could she not make it totally special?!?!).

Liliana and Mommy, May 2007












The day began with Liliana (and Daddy) taking me to breakfast.  As usual, she flirted with everyone in the restaurant, and made just about everyone fall in love with her.  After breakfast we headed on over to a local park to play with the ducks.  However, she seemed more fascinated with the flowers (dandilions) and some sticks.  We enjoyed a walk around the pond, then made our way back home so that our little ladybug could take a nap.  When she woke up, she and Daddy brought me some very carefully wrapped gifts (you can use your imagination).  The first gift I opened is my favorite.  A beautiful ceramic plate with her handprint and name along with “Happy Mother’s Day 2007″ printed on top.  What warmed my heart though was her reaction when I opened the gift.  She came right on over to me and proceeded to show me how she made the plate.  She very carefully placed her hand on the handprint, and then pulled it off…over and over again.  I found out later that before the plate was actually made, Liliana practiced placing her hand on the plate so that she wouldn’t smudge her handprint.  Well, she did a great job, and the practice definitely made an impression on her because she was so excited to show me…several times throughout the day.  Too cute!  I also received a beautiful music box/jewelry box, and a special plant that Liliana and I will cultivate sometime in the near future.  Following the gifts, we spent the rest of the day playing, laughing, singing, reading, running around the house, and just generally having a wonderful time together as a family.

For me it was an absolutely amazing day, one that I will never forget.  I am still awestruck that Liliana is our daughter.  The Lord has blessed us so much with this little girl who makes our days so much brighter.  She is truly amazing.  She continues to grow every day.  She now has six teeth (you can see all of them in the photo above).  She knows at least 25 signs (ASL), and uses them all the time to communicate her desires and needs.  She has started saying a few words here and there.  Mama, Dada, Baba, “Dat” (that), and my all-time favorite, “Bop!”  Now, until I saw her sign the word, I had no clue what she was saying.  Then, she signed the word “stop” and said “bop” simultaneously…the rest is history!  She definitely knows what the word means and uses it when she wants me to stop something.  Usually I hear the word when I am trying to fix her hair, or driving in the car (not sure why she wants me to stop there?).  Whenever I hear it though, it makes me laugh.  She loves playing outdoors, especially now that warmer weather is upon us.  She runs around our yard all the time.  Her favorite current acitivity is playing with bubbles.  We just bought a bubble machine that produces a “gazillion” bubbles.  She just squeals every time we turn the machine on for her (I will post video of this soon!).  In the mean time, here is a cute photo montage of her playing with her bubbles. 

Bubble Collage May 2007

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