When people adopt from China, they are required to have a social worker do updates on the family at 6 months and 1 year from the time when they returned home from China with the child.  Well, believe it or not, Liliana has been an official member of this family for just over six months now.  Actually, the six month mark happened to coincide with Mother’s Day.  She was handed over to me by her foster mother on November 13, and exactly six months later we celebrated Mother’s Day together.  Talk about an amazing coincidence, something we in the adoption community call a “red thread.”  One of the things that China requires of us during the visit with the social worker is to produce photos of the baby, the family, and Liliana with the parents.  So, we searched through all of our photos from all the way back to our time in China to the present.  As we looked back through those memories, I became very teary-eyed.  Travis commented at one point, “Look how tiny she was!”  She was just an itty-bitty thing when we first brought her home.  Now, in only six months, she is turning into a little girl before our eyes.  She came to us as a very scared, timid little baby, and is now a silly, jubilant little girl who is full of life.  So, where did our baby go?

To give you a little comparitive walk down memory lane, I have included the following photos of Liliana, both past and present.  In them you will see her transformation from a shy little baby to the bundle of love and joy she is today.  Click on any of the photos to see a larger version.  Enjoy!

Liliana in the Morning













Liliana in pigtails













Some faces never change













Sharaing a drink with Daddy












Spending time with Mommy