Yes, we are still alive out here.  This summer has not been our own.  Not only did we travel from one coast to the other, I also took 6 weeks worth of classes.  With our hectic schedule, we were only able to spend one week alone as a family.  So, believe it or not we are excited that school is starting.  We will now be able to settle down and get back into a routine. 

Liliana has been growing like a weed.  We have had to redo her closet twice now, taking out things that no longer fit the little ladybug.  She talks all the time, can now sign over 100 words, and is just turning into an amazing little girl.  She is also pretty funny, and is developing quite a fun personality.  Click on the photo below to see her talking and squirming all over the place.  Liliana on the red Chair











Note: A really cute thing happened while I was watching this video on the computer.  Liliana walked up to see what I was doing.  She saw herself and said “me,” while pointing to herself.  She then proceeded to say all of the words in unison with her video-self.  Too cute!

So many other wonderful changes have been happening to our little girl this summer…but, I have to get ready for school tomorrow.  So, I give you all another update in a few days.  There are a few other pictures of Liliana at our dropshots account (just click on the word dropshots!).  I hope you all enjoy this litte teaser video and pics.