November 2007

 …I was in China!!!











One year ago today I began the celebration of my birthday by hopping on a plane with my family, ready to embark on the greatest journey of our lives.


One year ago today I waited not-so-patiently in a hot hotel room to finally see my baby’s face for the first time.


Foster Mother

One year ago today I learned that the joy and excitement that I was feeling during this amazing time was not felt by all in the room.  My heart still aches for the sadness that Liliana’s foster mother was feeling at that same time that I was so excited. I saw first-hand how much this little girl meant to the other mother in her life.  And I can only hope that now, one year later, the foster mother understands how amazing she is in our eyes for helping to raise such a wonderful little girl.  This woman forever holds a very special place in our hearts.

Consoling Liliana

One year ago today Liliana was placed in my arms for the first time.  A shy and timid little baby, she cried often, but found solace in cuddling up to her new mommy.  Daddy kissing Liliana











One year ago today daddy was able to give Liliana his first kiss on her cheek. 

Liliana Smiling

One year ago today we saw our baby smile for the first time.

First Family Photo

One year ago today we became a family.


Dearest Liliana,

Today marks the one year anniversary of the day we became a family.  It is a day that we will forever celebrate as “Forever Family Day.”  One year ago today you were placed in my arms for the first time.  At that time you seemed almost inconsolable because you were scared and unsure of what was happening to you.  Everything and everyone you knew was being taken away, and replaced by things so different.  Little did you know how much we already loved you, and how long we had waited to hold you close.  That first day was difficult for us all.  We just wanted to console you…make things better.  All that you could do was cuddle close to me and suck on your fingers…a nurturing habit that you have since stopped doing.

Those first few days were amazing.  Your nanas fell in love with you instantly, as did your daddy and I.  You slowly began to warm up to your new family, smiling and giggling when you felt most comfortable.  Although you started warming up to us, you were still not sure what was happening to you and what the future would bring.  Upon bringing you home, your personality started to sprout.  Your giggles became more frequent, as did the playfulness and happiness in your daily life.

You soon took on the challenges of growing up from a little baby to a little girl, and my oh my have you accomplished that task by leaps and bounds my little girl!  You no longer need a bottle at feeding time.  Instead, you eat with ghusto!  You love eating, and there doesn’t seem to be anything that is off limits to you.  Yup, you love chicken, fish, cereal, vegetables (especially broccoli!), eggs, bread, crackers, noodles, rice, soup, and just about everything else we feed you.  You even squeal with excitement when a waitress or waiter brings us food.  You go girl!

You are turning into the most amazing little girl.  You love to laugh, play, draw, color, sing, dance, run, swim, and sleep.  Yes, you enjoy your sleep.  You have made our lives very easy little girl…you fall asleep each night without as much as a wimper.  Woohoo!!!  You love to cuddle up with your daddy and I and read books…something I cherish deeply.  You love to sing in the car with me as we go do our chores.  You love to draw and color with daddy which I know makes him proud.

I love how you have turned into sich a playful little girl.  Your unbridled excitement for just about everything brings such joy to your daddy and I.  I love how, when you open a greeting card, that you think it is broken if it doesn’t play music (someday you will learn that most cards do not play music).  I love how you mimic everything that I do, and how happy you are when you think that you have done something good.  I love how you thorougly enjoy playing on the floor, rolling around giggling with daddy and I.  I love how you enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  I love how you love your daddy and I, and show us your love by giving us kisses and wonderful hugs.  And more than anything little girl, I thoroughly love how you say, “momma.”

I love you my little ladybug.  You have brought such joy to my life, and I cannot wait for all of the joys that the future will bring.  Thank you little girl for making me a mommy.  Thank you being my daughter.

I love you Liliana.  Love Always,


Mommy and Lili


The little ladybug dressed up in ladybug style. 

  • Cute little black nose
  • Fuzzy red and black costume with all of the appropriate dots perfectly situated about
  • An adorable bumble bee bag for the candy
  • And the greatest little ladybug boots you have ever seen. 

Our little ladybug!

Now, what do you do with a ladybug dressed up as a…um…ladybug?  Take her to the mall of course!  Liliana’s previous ideas about what malls are for (ice cream…duh!) have forever changed.  Her expectations now include people at every store greeting you with candy!  What could be better?!?!  Nothing in her mind.  Oh, have we ever ruined the true purpose of a mall…shopping of course (I think I might be able to retrain her!).  Fortunately, by the following day she had forgotten completely about all the candy in that cute bee bag.  Back to her fruits and vegetables like the good little eater that she is!  You go girl!  (For lots more pictures and a couple videos, go to the dropshots site).