December 2007

Liliana beamed when she learned that Santa Claus was going to visit us on Christmas Eve.  She ran around the house saying “Tan-ta Taws…Tan-ta Taws!”  Hard to believe that just one year ago she really had no clue what was going on at all.  Fortunately, she totally got it this year.  All of the presents and joy of Santa did not overshadow the reason for the season.  And, it is during this wonderful time of year that we feel truly blessed to have this little girl in our lives.  We thank the Lord for blessing our lives and making us a family.  To give you a better understanding of what went on around our house Christmas Eve, click on the photo below to see a little video of our evening.  Enjoy!

Liliana on Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to all…

Winter is in the air, holiday shoppers are everywhere, and our little ladybug is ready to begin celebrating this festive season. Liliana and Santa 2006 Today we ventured out into the mall to place the ladybug on Santa’s lap.  Because the photo from last year’s visit with jolly St. Nick found a permanent home this past year on our refrigerator, Lili is quite familiar with Santa’s face.  So, in hopes of making this year’s visit very smooth, I opted to bring the photo with us, coaching her on the way about who was in the picture.  When we arrived at the “North Pole,” Liliana immediately recognized the jolly ashen-haired man.  She eagerly pointed to Santa in her picture and then to the real-life Santa sitting in front of her, and continuously said, “Sa-Ta Taws.”  My immediate thoughts… “Woohoo…she isn’t terrified!”


Liliana and Santa 2007But then…we asked her to walk up to him.  Although she knew who he was, she suddenly became very apprehensive about the entire ritual.  So, to help egg her on, Daddy suggested that Lili show Santa last year’s photo of the twosome.  The ploy worked.  Liliana slowly walked up to Santa, handed him the picture, and he carefully picked her up and placed her on his knee.  After looking at the picture for a few seconds, we were able to get a great shot of Liliana, looking rather pensive, and Santa…just before she started squirming out of his lap.  It’s all about timing!

In the process of Liliana learning about the finer points of Christmas and Santa, Daddy decided that it was time to teach her some reindeer names.  If you click the link above you will be able to see Liliana and Daddy discussing the different reindeer.  I just love the giggles and the end.  Also on the DropShots website is another cute video of Liliana and Mommy singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”  Take a look if you get the chance.  With so many more exciting things expected to take place in the next few days I will definitely be updating the website soon (gotta keep those grandparents happy!).