March 2008

Liliana met the Easter Bunny for the first time today.  Surprisingly, she really enjoyed the fuzzy bunny.  Although spring is in the air, it is still a bit cold up here in the Dakotas.  Thus, the bug is still wearing her winter coat and hat in the picture.  For those who would missed out on our Easter festivities from last year, check out this cute video!

Liliana and the Easter Bunny 2008


Do not, under any circumstances, leave your child unattended!

  1. Child may unlock and crawl into cabinets, hoping to hide away from parents or unexpected visitors. Cabinet
  2. With the newly acquired lock-opening skill, child may realize that food is not always off-limits! Food
  3. Now an expert locksmith, the child may endeavor to expand her horizons…possibly mailfraud?!?!.  No sealed box is ever to be left unattended, especially with popcorn inside. Popcorn
  4. Finally, with all of these acquired skills, cryptography and tattooing will be of great benefit for a future in crime (I mean, seriously…)Tattoo


P.S.  She really is an angel…most of the time!