April 2008

When we were in China, we learned that Liliana’s foster mother used to feed her with chopsticks.  I continued to do this occasionally after we returned home, usually feeding the bug rice.  Now that she is two years old, the bug is ready for a new adventure!  Time to learn how to use chopsticks.  Enjoy the video!



Hard to believe, but the little ladybug recently turned two years Our serious little readerold.  Although we have yet to celebrate the occasion, (Easter was just too close to her birthday this year…and think about it, does a 2 year old really know when her birthday is supposed to be?!?!), mommy and the ladybug did make it to the photographer to get some photos done.  It was one long hour of trying to get the bug to smile…something she just doesn’t really do on command.  But, in the end we ended up with some really nice photos.  Below are some of my favorites.  To view a larger size of any photo, just click on the photo.  To see some more, check out the Dropshots site.  Enjoy!

Liliana looking SomberLiliFlowerWatering flowersPurple DuckRead in PurpleLiliana reading in yellowPlaying on the groundLounging in her peach dressLounging in SmilesHappy girlResting