Spring has sprung, the grass outside is growing, and the temperatures around here have been on the rise.  That is, until today!

Back Yard Snow 2008

We awoke today to a blizzard that has totally shut down the city. 

Front Yard Snow 2008

All schools are closed, as are the hospitals, the city offices, the banks, the courthouse, the air force base, the interstate for over 100 miles, and even the local mall.   The winds are blowing 50-65 mph and creating huge snow drifts.  We cannot even open our doors because of the accumulated snow.  A “no-travel” advisory has been issued, and police will ticket you if you drive a two-wheel drive vehicle, or you get stuck in one of the many snow drifts in the area.  So, we are having a snow day!  Woohoo!  Except for the fact that Liliana really just wanted to go out and play.  Sorry Little Girl…Bummer!!!

  Angry Liliana 2008

Hard to believe that on Sunday the temps will be in the mid 60s!