… and us too!

It is time to make some tasty cookies for Santa Claus when he visits us on Christmas Eve. Last year’s sugar cookies were good, but nothing great. However, before school got out for Christmas vacation this year, a fellow teacher brought some home-made sugar cookies to school that his wife made. They were WONDERFUL! These amazing cookies reminded me of those absolutely perfect, super soft, uber tasty sugar cookies with perfect frosting that I ate when I was a kid. I never thought I would be able to make these cookies myself. But… Eureka!

Liliana started by rolling the dough flat.

Then she meticulously placed the cookie cutters on the dough and “squooshed.”

However, until Mommmy intervened the cookies were almost 2 inches thick!

Then the bug placed the dough on the cookie sheet and placed it in the oven.

While the cookies were baking, Liliana played with the flour, cookie cutters, and rolling pin like any good little Chinese girl should… with chopsticks!

Next it was time to creatively decorate the cookies with lots of frosting and lots of sprinkles.

Lastly, Liliana enjoyed the cookie goodness that only homemade sugar cookies can bring.

Merry Christmas to all.