“Growing candy canes” you ask? I learned about growing candy canes from a fellow adoptive parent this year. I never thought in a million years that this could be done, but lo and behold, growing candy canes is a possibility.
First, you get a nice container to put the seeds in. Next, you put in some special candy cane dirt (fake snow worked great for us). Then you plant the seeds and water. Further watering is not needed (we stopped watering since doing so would have changed our white “dirt” a pinkish red). Before you know it, you will be growing beautiful striped canes!

We started growing them this holiday season when Nana F. was still in town.

First, we planted the candy cane seeds.

Then, we sang a happy, holiday, candy cane growing-type song!

Then with a great big smile, we started watering the seeds to make sure they would grow.

And then with a wink and a smile we wait patiently for the candy canes to start growing.

Two weeks later we have a little candy cane forest!