December 2008

Liliana and I decided that we wanted to make some muffins. Yummy, yummy muffins! Mmmm, Mmmm, good. Unfortunately we ended up with far fewer muffins that we intended. Blow is the event in pictures.

After mixing the batter we put it into the muffin cups.

But, placing the batter into the cups was simply not good enough.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, this is really good!”

However… forget about using my finger, it really is so much easier eating it with a spoon!

While Nana F was out visiting the bug and family over Thanksgiving, I decided to “Elf” the family.  For those who have not done this before, you upload an image to the Elf Yourself website, choose a dance, and then watch yourself Elfing.  We have done this previous years and have thoroughly enjoyed the cute little dances.  Well, this year I created a couple dances of the the family Elfing.  After creating the dances, Liliana and Nana eagerly watched as Liliana Elf, Momma Elf, and Daddy Elf discoed their hearts out. 

Flollowing are links to the two Elf Yourself videos that we created. The first one is of the family getting our Disco-groove on. This is the video that is playing in the background in the above DropShots link that is making Liliana laugh so hard. Who knew we could dance so well? The second video is of us learning to dance country-style. Hope you enjoy!


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