January 2009

The Ladybug and I just awoke from taking a little afternoon nap.
Her first request upon waking…

“Mommy, I want to eat some ChapStick.”

“Excuse me… you want to eat some ChapStick?”

With my response she begins laughing hysterically and says, “No mommy,” and repeats her request.

I then start laughing because I finally understand what she had said. “Oh, you want to finish watching Enchanted.”

At least she doesn’t want to eat ChapStick!


Today was a special day for Liliana and some of her other friends from our adoptive agency. Families who adopted from our agency get together each year for a CNY celebration. This year we all met at the local library in a special room. There were all sorts of crafts for the children to do, as well as lots of food for all to enjoy. Liliana enjoyed a GREAT afternoon, and celebrated a fun Chinese New Year with lots of friends and family. Happy CNY to everyone!

Liliana and Daddy making a CNY necklace.

Liliana and some of her friends making some crafts.

Checking out the food table and making her choices.

Enjoying her favorite food item of the day… the cupcake!

Liliana playing with some of her friends.


Liliana just started swim lessons. She and a few other children meet on Monday nights at the local indoor swimming pool to learn how to float, blow bubbles, hold their breath, kick, and play with pool toys. Liliana is no stranger to water, having snorkeled in Hawaii at the age of one, and swum laps in Nana F’s pool in Florida. She is a gutsy little girl who already thinks that she can swim (much to her parents dismay), so we decided that it was high time to get her lessons started, long before Summer arrives. We were very proud of her on her first day. She jumped right in and did everything the instructor asked without hesitation… unlike most of the boys in her class! Way to go girl!

Checking out the water temperature.

Getting her feet wet and kicking in the water.

Our happy (and blurry) little girl starting to kick in the water.

Hanging out with the other kids, waiting to jump in the water.


Who knew? Our little bitty town offers year-round indoor glo-in-the-dark mini-golf course. I never even knew such a thing existed. This miniature golf facility offers indoor golf lit by black-lights and day-glo paint.

It is a rather interesting idea that led to an afternoon full of fun for us. Being only 2 years old, the Ladybug was really excited at first, but her excitement soon waned.

Fortunately, the facility played great upbeat dance music from the past five decades, so she dances her way from hole to hole as mommy and daddy finished the 18 holes. All-in-all we all had a blast and enjoyed a great birthday day for daddy. Happy birthday love!

Our little love bug!


We received a Mah-Jongg set for Christmas. Liliana was really excited when she saw the “China writing” on the box, so she set out to learn how to play.

Her face says it all (pictures really are worth a thousand words)!