Our Mother’s Day weekend was spent together as a family, enjoying each other’s company. I looked at Liliana throughout the day and thought about how blessed I am to be her mother. She is such a remarkable little girl with so much love. She makes it her daily mission to shower us with lots of hugs and kisses. The Lord blessed us by bringing us together as a family. Thank you!

The weekend though, took on an unexpected turn for another mother… a mother bunny that lives in our yard.

Like most Spring and Summer weekends, daddy was outside mowing the rapidly growing lawn to make it look gorgeous and inviting (with all of the last season snow, this was the first opportunity he had to finally mow the yard). After successfully tackling the front yard, he moved on to the back to finally bring the overgrown jungle under control.

Upon mowing the perimeter, he mowed over a patch of long grass, and suddenly saw a puff of grey fur explode out from under the mower. He pulled the mower back and also noticed a grey spot on the ground about 9 inches in diameter. Upon a closer inspection he saw some movement… and then he panicked. He quickly turned off the mowed and knelt down for a closer look. What he saw stunned him.

The grey patch happened to be a rabbit hole nursery where 8 baby rabbits were resting. Although the lawn mower completely mowed over the baby rabbits, not one single rabbit was injured because they were tucked down into the whole safely, only about an inch away from the mower blades. Woohoo!!!

Upon hearing the commotion outside, Liliana and I went out to investigate. Liliana squealed with excitement when she saw the little bunnies. She just adored the rabbits, and was so excited to see new life in our yard. Almost immediately though, one of the babies started hopping around… very quickly. Because the lawn still needed to be mowed, we chose to place the bunnies in a box to keep them safe until the yard work was completed (after all, we made it by once without injuring a bunny, we didn’t want to tempt fate). At this point, we did notice the mother bunny haning around the yard, keeping an eye on us and her babies.

A few hours later we placed the bunny family back into their whole, one on top of the other, cuddled close to stay warm. We covered them with some of mother bunny’s fluff as well as some of the new grass clippings. We weren’t sure that the mother would return… after all, we had “messed” with her babies. But, much to our surprise and excitement, she did return only a few minutes later to feed her babies and keep them safe. It really was a special Mother’s Day after all.