The little Ladybug just adores her time in the tub. She splashes, plays, laughs, draws, practices her floating skills, and eventually spends so much time in there that the water has turned cool and she is very pruney. She doesn’t care though… she is a water kid who probably spent a past life as a fish. A silly, giggly, funny, little fish.

My absolute favorite time is immediately after her bath (she loves is too). While wrapped in her towel she cuddles up on my lap to get dry and keep warm. With the Bug growing up so quickly, this precious time together, cuddling on the couch, is the one moment in the day that reminds me of when she was a baby. Oh, sometimes I miss those days, but wow… I love the little girl that she is turning into. So, as she keeps growing up, I will still cherish our after-tub cuddles on the couch.

I just love my Little Tub Bug!