May 2009

A couple times per month, we like to offer the Ladybug a special Slumber Party with either daddy or mommy. The “party” often takes place in our king-size bed, with the other parent slumbering in our guest room. Liliana earns this special treat by displaying good behavior at home as well as in public and at school. This past weekend Liliana enjoyed one of those exclusive nights, and she chose to enjoy her slumber with mommy (Woohoo!!!).

We started the evening by sharing “secret stories,” which were just some special memories from our past. We then sang several songs… and giggled our way through them in the process. Finally, I decided to capture this special evening on film, so I took some photos of the Bug (I just love finding any excuse to play with my camera). Below are some of my favorite shots from our special evening. Enjoy!

Gosh… I LOVE my daughter!!!!!


On a little walk today to the park, the Ladybug made an interesting observation.

“Daddy, bird poops are white… my poops are brown, ewwwww.”

You gotta hand it to her, that little girl has a keen sense of observation.


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