The other day we noticed some little bugs walking around on the railing of our deck. After further examination we realized that these little bugs were aphids and their primary reason for invading our space is that the deck sits under our huge shade tree… a shade tree that they seem to find delicious. So, how do we combat these little pesky bugs? We decided to start with nature’s insecticide… ladybugs!

A local plant nursery sells thousands of ladybugs just for this reason. We couldn’t resist the purchase because after all, our little Bug is what we call our Ladybug. Well, she loved them couldn’t wait to let them loose on our deck and in the tree. Before we knew it, all of us had lots of ladybugs crawling all over us. The good thing… the following morning many of the ladybugs were still hanging around and many of the aphids were gone. Job well done!

On to another story.
This morning after getting up and looking at our ladybugs outside, our Ladybug wanted to dress like a princess (as usual). She came out of her room a few minutes later dressed with her pink princess dress as well as some interesting accessories. She included in her wardrobe a ladybug gardening hat and gloves, a small pink leather satchel, a “Princess” sash, and her princess crown on top of her gardening hat. A very interesting wardrobe decision indeed. Enjoy!

Looking for some more ladybugs on our deck railings.

Examining a little ladybug.