My little Ladybug…

I took some photos of the little Ladybug today while she was at play outside. Later, while she was napping, I decided to manipulate one of the photos with Photoshop Elements. After getting a workable copy, I then played around with it some more to make some different versions. For me, this is just a way to practice using my digital manipulation software, and learn its tricks to create new photos. As I look through my results, I have come to three conclusions:
1. Some of these versions really do make her look older than her three years.
2. In some photos she looks like an actual baby-doll.
3. She really is a cutie patootie, and a great model for me to practice my photography skills (OK, I admit, I knew this fact when I started).

Here is the original:

The rest of the photos all edited with a high a high contrast, washed out look, but with different specific attributes. I also cropped the image to bring more focus to the Bug.

The first is the original edited version from which I created the other versions.

A simple black & white.

Adding a Diffused Glow to the image.

Using a Posterize filter (one of my favorites).

A Sepia filter and a focal soften filter from

A subdued color version.

The original photo was taken with my Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi, f/5, 1/200 sec. exposure, ISO-250, 37mm focal length.
I am just having so much fun!