18 July 2009, Saturday

Hi Little Girl,

We are now back in Wuustwezel, and with all of the recent travelling that we did, we decided to lay low today and stay close to Marcel and Melanie’s home. After breakfast we visited two different toy stores to look for a few gifts. The first store proved to be the better option for us because the second store was so packed with toys from floor to ceiling, that we could not even walk around. After our afternoon out, we stopped by a fritter stand, picked up some frits and sausage, and make our way back to Marcel and Melanie’s house to enjoy our snack.

We finished our day by enjoying a nice dinner and some wonderful ice cream. This was a nice relaxing day for us, something we really needed because we have been on the go so much recently. This is a really short post, and I didn’t even take any photos today. But, tomorrow we have some great things planned on our trip to Brussels.

Keep being your great little self. I love you!