Ahhhhhh, the joys of Halloween. This year the Ladybug pondered for weeks what she would wear this year to trick-or-treat around the neighborhood. Her choices were a pink princess, a purple princess, and Tinkerbell, which she wore last year. Her decision was finalized the day that her Nana F. sent her a gorgeous new, blue Cinderella dress. The dress by itself is gorgeous, but what really made it stand out was the fiber-optic lights that were sewn into the skirt. The Ladybug immediately took the dress to her room, turned out the lights, pushed the button on the dress and squealed with excitement, “This is really cool!”

Add to that the blue glow sticks that the Bug wore on her wrists, neck, and crown, she looked a bit like a modern-day Cinderella stepping out to go to the nearest rave. The upside of the dress was that we knew where ever she walked, people would be sure to see her. The downside was that everybody could see her… little girls everywhere were trying to trade candy for her dress, ooohing and aaahing as she walked by (yes, I jest… just a bit). But seriously, at one point we walked up to a house where she said the appropriate greeting, “Trick-or-treat!” The man with the candy placed a piece in her basket then proceeded to say, “I have to say, you are definitely the cutest princess I have seen all night.” To which she replied, “I know.” Clearly we need to work on appropriate, gracious responses to compliments.

Now that Halloween is over, the Ladybug is pondering how much candy she can enjoy per evening. I initially thought of just letting her eat as much as she wanted that first night, then taking the rest away, hoping that she would not want any more sugar for weeks after that. But, Daddy on the other hand thought that wasn’t the best idea, opting instead for 2 small pieces of candy per night. I caved and decided that this will work fine… especially if take a bunch of it to school to share with my students. The Ladybug will never know!

So now, the Ladybug spends her evenings pondering which candy she will enjoy that night for dessert. Ohhhhhh, the difficult decisions of a three year old.

I hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday. Don’t eat too much candy!