Wow, I cannot believe how time flies by so quickly.

Three years ago today, a 7 1/2 month old, scared, little baby girl named Chen Yu Huan was placed in my arms. She was brought to us by her Foster Mother, Mao Quing, who raised her from almost day one, and loved her like she was her own. I cannot begin to tell you how difficult that moment was, for everyone in the room. But, especially for the little Bug and her foster mother. They both loved each other dearly, a feeling that remains to this day.

The Ladybug cried for the first hour we were together, tears of sadness and loss. She eventually found solace by nuzzling into my chest and sucking on two of her tiny fingers for comfort. This, we later found out, was a coping mechanism that continued for about two months after we returned home.

It took some time, but eventually our little Bug grew to trust her parents, and grandparents (who accompanied us to China). We spent some wonderful time in China, touring, eating, laughing, and shopping, but most of all, we were learning to become a family.

It is now three years later, and I am wondering where the time has gone. In the last three years, our little Ladybug has grown into a very happy, silly, assertive, intelligent, musical, funny, and beautiful little girl who brightens every single one of our days. I am amazed sometimes that we are so blessed that the Ladybug was chosen especially for us. Why? Because she is just the perfect fit for our family. She is absolutely the perfect blend of her Daddy and I, with her own unique little twist. She truly is our daughter, through and through. We are so very blessed. Thank you Lord.

Below are some photos in chronological order of our little Ladybug over the last three years, one photo for almost every month of her life here in the United States. There are many photos, but it does let you seen how this little girl has grown and changed in the last three years. Also, after all of the photos, if you still have some time on your hands, there is a link to the video that I created a few years ago of the Bug’s first year of life. Enjoy!

The Ladybug’s first year of life video (click the following link, once you are there you can click on the little box in the lower right-hand corner of the video to enlarge it to full-screen):
Ladybug’s First Year of Life

Thank you for sharing in our special day. And, congratulations to all of our friends who share this day with us.