December 2009

Merry Christmas to all of my blogging friends. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day spent with family and friends. We are bundled up inside our home, staying warm while the snow blizzard outside is providing us with a white Christmas. What a great day to stay inside with family.

Merry Christmas to all… and to all a good night!


After yesterday’s post about the Ladybug wanting to clean our house BEFORE she created a gingerbread house, I now have even more proof that this silly little girl loves manual labor (weird kid!). This photo, taken just a few minutes ago of the Bug helping daddy shovel some snow. She looks exceptionally gleeful!

Note: For those concerned, one minute after this photo was taken, mommy went inside the house and found a nice, warm pair of mittens. The Ladybug’s fingers are nice and toasty now!


For the last couple days, we have been planning on making a gingerbread house. You know the kind, the pre-fabricated kit with all the fixin’s. Because of little things that have come up here or there, we have not gotten to making the house… yet.

So, a little bit ago, with lots of excitement and anticipation, I asked the little Ladybug, “What do you think we are going to do now?”

Her quick, excited reply was, “Make the Ginderbread House?”

Teasingly I replied, “No, first we have to vacuum, dust, scrub the floors, and…”

And before I could finish the sentence the Ladybug squealed with excitement and said, “Yes!!! I want to start by scrubbing the floors. I love cleaning!”

Uhhhhhhh, not quite the response that I was expecting… but then again, she is her nanas’ grand-daughter. I always wondered why Cinderella was the Ladybug’s favorite princess.


I am realizing that I am not updating this blog as often as I wish, but I am providing updates… but at Facebook instead. So, since I have posted some cute things that the Ladybug has said over the last few months at the “other” place, I have decided to transfer them over to here so that you can see what the Bug has been up to recently. The following is one of those cute stories.

A few days ago I brought home three cupcakes for us to share… one for Daddy, one for the Ladybug, and one for Mommy. The Ladybug eagerly enjoyed one of the cupcakes that first night, making sure to eat every last morsel.

Just last night Daddy made the comment, “Do we still have those cupcakes around here? I would like one!”

I replied, “Yes we do.”

The Ladybug quickly added, “I want one too!”

I then reminded her, “I brought three cupcakes home. Didn’t you already eat one the other day?”

The Bug’s very quick and intelligent reply was, “Yes Mommy, I did eat one… I ate your’s though, so I still have one to eat!”

Uhhhhh, she’s got me there. Gotta admit, she thinks quick on her feet!