For the last couple days, we have been planning on making a gingerbread house. You know the kind, the pre-fabricated kit with all the fixin’s. Because of little things that have come up here or there, we have not gotten to making the house… yet.

So, a little bit ago, with lots of excitement and anticipation, I asked the little Ladybug, “What do you think we are going to do now?”

Her quick, excited reply was, “Make the Ginderbread House?”

Teasingly I replied, “No, first we have to vacuum, dust, scrub the floors, and…”

And before I could finish the sentence the Ladybug squealed with excitement and said, “Yes!!! I want to start by scrubbing the floors. I love cleaning!”

Uhhhhhhh, not quite the response that I was expecting… but then again, she is her nanas’ grand-daughter. I always wondered why Cinderella was the Ladybug’s favorite princess.