We went bowling! About two years ago we tried to go bowling with the little Ladybug. She enjoyed the game for about 15 minutes, but soon got tired of lugging the ball to the end of the lane and trying to toss is down with enough force so that it would knock some pins down. As she soon discovered, knocking the pins down was much more difficult that she originally thought. So, we soon left the bowling alley, not to return for a couple years.

Hoping that the second time would be a winner, I suggested to the Bug that we go bowling. Without hesitation she said, “YES!” Definitely the answer I wanted to hear.

We made our way to the bowling alley, got our shoes and found some bowling balls. The Ladybug was able to find a nice 6 pound ball that, although still a bit heavy for a 3.5 year old, was the lightest that we could find. After we settled in, the Bug grabbed her ball and made her way to the lane.

She stood with her legs shoulder width apart, placed the ball on the floor between her legs, and pushed the ball so that it rolled ever-so-slowly down the lane toward the pins. Miraculously she knocked down 7 pins on her first try. Not bad for a second-time beginner. To finish up her first turn she used the same strategy and knocked down another 2 pins for a total of 9 pins. Awesome job! This time around the girl was loving bowling.

Unfortunately, that enthusiasm soon waned. Carrying the heavy ball down to the lane and struggling to push it down the lane frustrated her and she started not enjoying herself. Until… Daddy noticed a little girl a few lanes away using a ramp that helped to guide the ball down the lane. It looked simple enough, and with nothing to lose he asked an employee if we could use a ramp as well. No problem! Apparently the bowling alley has quite a few of the ramps for little ones to use. I have never seen a bowling ball ramp at a bowling alley, but it is just what the doctor ordered.

With the newly acquired ramp, the Ladybug’s enthusiasm for the game soon reached a new high! She jumped for joy at each turn, and also started knocking down pins left and right.

After two full games, Daddy and I began taking our shoes off to go home. The Ladybug quickly protested, much to our surprise. But, we promised that we would go bowling again in the near future (which we will, this was not an empty promise). Below are some photos from our afternoon of fun.

Watching the scoreboard as Daddy knocks some pins down.

The Ladybug practicing her cheer-leading skills for Daddy as he makes a strike.

Just lounging around the bowling alley, looking adorable.

This was a great family afternoon of fun and games. I just love it when we find something really fun to do as a family. We can now add Bowling to our list!