Here you will find some adoption terms that are often used in the asdoption community.


This is a very large set of documents that the adoptive couple puts together requesting a child from China. The dossier includes a home study (written by a social worker), medical reports, marriage certificates, birth cirtificates, police clearances, employment verication letters, financial statement, FBI fingerprints, and numerous other documents and photos.


The China Center of Adoption Affairs. This office is located in China, and is the place where our dossier was sent, logged-in, reviewed, and eventually where a match to our little girl will be made.


Dossier (documents) to China. This is the date that our dossier left the United States on its way to the CCAA in China.


Log in Date. This is the actual date the the CCAA logged in our dossier. This is the date that the CCAA uses to eventually review dossiers, then match them with children. People with similar LIDs are grouped together for the review and matching processes.


This is the notification from the CCAA that they have matched us with a child. The referral usually includes the child’s Chinese name, date of birth, weight, height, a medical report, photographs, and some notes about the child’s disposition. Aside from actually travelling to China, the referral is the day that families most anticipate.