The referral is the official notification from the CCAA that they have matched a family with a child. Referral information usually includes the baby’s Chinese name, date of birth, basic personal information, and photographs.

Here is our referral, and we couldn’t be happier.  We are totally smitten!!!

As of 5p.m. mountain time today (Monday, September 25, 2006), we are the very proud parents of a baby girl!!!

Guizhou ProvinceHer name is Chen Yu Huan, soon to be Liliana Yuhuan.
She was born March 19, 2006, which makes her just over 6 months old.  Most of the babies who are referred from China tend to be around 9 months old, so we are overjoyed that she is so young.
She is in the Guizhou Province, which is located in the south central part of China (Click the photo to see where Guizhou is located).
She is currently in foster care, and we are elated to know this since she is most likely receiving more one-on-one care than she would in an orphanage.
The only other information that we have received is that she is healthy, beautiful, and has LOTS of hair!!!!!


UPDATE: On Wednesday, September 27, 2006, at 9:15 in the morning the FedEx guy delivered our daughter…so to speak.  I contacted Travis immediately, who rushed over to my school so that we could “meet” our little one together.  We opened the package and fell in love immediately.  Notice the split pants!!!

So, we present to you, Liliana Yuhuan

Liliana in Blue

 Liliana commander











Liliana was born March 19, 2006 in the Guizhou Province.  She was found by a local villager 9 days later on March 28, which happens to be Nana Schuler’s birthday (talk about a red thread connection)!!!  After a medical examination she was placed into foster care.

She is said to be a clever child.  She giggles when the foster mother plays with her, and smiles to people around her.  She is an active and energetic child who enjoys listening to music (she is definitely our child!) and playing outside.  She is a loveable and beautiful child.  She is also said to be a “heavy sleeper.”  All we can say to that fact is WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

Everything about our little baby excites us immensely.  We cannot believe how absolutely perfect she is.  We feel truly blessed to have been matched with such a special, beautiful, healthy, happy, perfect little baby.  We know that she is heaven sent.  We just cannot wait to travel to China to bring her home.