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The Queen B  and I did a little clothes shopping today, with the following post-purchase commentary. Me: I got some nice shirts. She: I got some nice coordinating solids. Men and women clearly don’t live in the same universe.

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Two good mathisms I heard  this semester: 1. “Yeah, diverges, but nobody’s ever seen it.” 2. “Differential geometry is the study of invariance under changes of notation.” Along these lines, while at the Albertson’s freezer section, I stumbled on perhaps … Continue reading

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Final thoughts. Or thoughts on finals. Whatever.

One of the most frustrating aspects of final examinations for me as a professor is that, though they take forfreakingever to grade, nine times out of ten they don’t actually change a student’s pre-final grade, either for better or for … Continue reading

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Summer of blog love

Well, the school year has finally come to an end.   Now that I’m no longer bound by the requirements to provide students with a quality education against their wills, I shall have  the opportunity to update this site a … Continue reading

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