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Here's looking at you, kid

On Monday, I became a daddy! …And two days later,  on Wednesday, I got the first chance to see my daughter.   Introducing the newest member of the Clan Komplexify, meet the Ladybug: In case you didn’t know, the Queen … Continue reading

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Applied mathematics

I attended a colloquium talk today by one of our Math/CS students, who attended the Applied Mathematical Sciences Summer Institute doing research work on developing deterministic and stochastic models of susceptible/infective epidemics.   After presenting her team’s work on modeling … Continue reading

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While driving today, I noticed that the tailgate of the truck in front of me at the stop light was covered with chess bumper stickers.   (Really.)   The Chess players make the best mates sticker was marginally funny, although … Continue reading

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On measuring an angle without a protractor

My colleague J  stopped in my office today with a curious fact: a technique learned by one of his students  to approximate acute angles using nothing but a ruler.   According to the student, to approximate the degree measure of … Continue reading

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1 picture = 1 kiloword, Vol. II

I always keep my eyes peeled for strange and funny visuals, and August was ripe for them.   Here are some of my favorites for the month. Where do logs come from? Integration, of course. Optimism Because we all want … Continue reading

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