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Bela Lugosi's dead

In honor of Halloween, I plunkered down with some  recent  vampire movies. I started off with  Underworld, in which Kate Beckinsdale stars as Selene, a female vampire with an affinity for tight fitting black  PVC body suits.   Unlike the … Continue reading

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Happy (seven-twelfths of a) birthday

Dearest Ladybug, Today you turn seven months old. I wonder how you celebrated the day with your foster parents. Do they eat birthday cake in China? How do you sing “Happy 7/12-ths of a birthday to you?” in Chinese? Do … Continue reading

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“…And finally, let’s not forget that next month is the campus Open House.   We’d like to communicate to prospective students and parents that our university is opening doors to the community.    We are a  communiversity, if you will.” … Continue reading

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Here are  two interesting sentences for you to ponder over (and over and over…).   The first is quite cute and efficient: The second is a little more erudite: …It’s an  extremely clever implementation of Quine’s paradox.   Neat

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A rose is a rose

The Queen B is reading through her substitute teacher list, looking for someone to cover her classes when we go to China to fetch the Ladybug. Among her list of potential substitutes is the following: C. Posthumous, Registered Nurse. Now … Continue reading

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