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Where there's smoke, there's irony

Below is the front page article from today’s Rapid City Journal. Smokers, breathe easy! Lawmakers nix bill to expand ban RAPID CITY — Black Hills area smokers praised the failure Monday of the apparent final attempt in the Legislature to … Continue reading

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Iie, wakarimasen

A short list of phonetic (that is to say, probably misspelled)  phrases I’ve gleaned from a watching a week’s worth of Japanese horror movies: Konichiwa: Hello (formal greeting). Domo: Hello (informal greeting). Moshi moshi: Hello (telephone greeting). Arigato: Thank you. … Continue reading

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Aposiopesis: a rhetorical device in which a speaker stops in the mid

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1 picture = 1 kiloword, Vol. III

Hindsight: If you could read this sign to begin with, would you really require  a picture menu? Worst. Fragrance idea. Ever. ‘Cause the chicks just  love a dude that smells like gasoline exhaust and burnt rubber. Truth in advertising: I … Continue reading

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Newsletter: month eleven

Dear Ladybug, Today you turn 11 months old, and I wanted to wish you a happy eleven-twelfths of a birthday. Of course, this doesn’t mean squat to you right now as (a) if it doesn’t involve bananas or hide-n-seek, you … Continue reading

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