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Newsletter: month twelve

Dear Ladybug, Today you turned one year old. We celebrated the day mostly without fanfare because, although it is a monumental achievement to chronicle the duration of your existence by full solar revolutions rather than measly twelfth parts of one, … Continue reading

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Humble pi

In honor of Pi Day, we at komplexify want to clear  up a widespread myth.   Namely, the following “news article,”  which turns up in my email inbox at least once a year every year, is completely false. Pretty damn … Continue reading

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The Queen B, the Ladybug, and I were shopping at Target the other day when out of the blue a woman walked straight up to me and asked, “Are you a math professor at Tech?” This sort of thing isn’t … Continue reading

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Prime example of speechlessness

The end of a conversation I had today at the Social Security office, where I went to get the Ladybug a social security number. Clerk: And I just need you to sign and date… here. Me: Um, what’s today’s date? … Continue reading

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The symbol of null and void

A famous bit of dialogue from the train scene in  North by Northwest, which was on TCM tonight. Eve Kendall: Roger O. Thornbill…   What does  the “O” stand for? Roger Thornhill: Nothing. I think your reaction to this line … Continue reading

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