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Newsletter: month thirtheen

Dear Ladybug, Yesterday you turned thirteen months old! I know, I know… Last month I pontificated on how fabulous your life was now that it could be measured by whole years, but when push comes to shove, an age of … Continue reading

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I'd shoot myself if I taught history

Snippets of a conversation I overheard while eating lunch at Komplexify U’s snack bar: Student 1: I heard that they’re making a National Treasure 2.   They’re filming up at Mount Rushmore and they’re looking for extras. Student 2: Sweet! … Continue reading

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A conversation today between me and a disembodied voice from a drive-through squawk box.   Just imagine the pimply faced fast food jockey from the Simpson’s: Voice: Welcome to Wendy’s, can I interest you in a combo meal today? Me: … Continue reading

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History repeats itself. Sorta.

Ever since the arrival of the Ladybug, my previous morning routine of lazily reading the weekend  newspaper whilst eating breakfast now occurs about as frequently as the arrival of Halley’s comet.   Nowadays, my weekend mornings consist of waking up … Continue reading

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