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Newsletter: month sixteen

Dear Ladybug, Yesterday you turned sixteen months old, or as we mathematicians like to call it, “four-thirds of a year.” To celebrate, your mom and I went out and watched Ratatouille at the theater while you were in daycare. Cheers! … Continue reading

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1 picture = 1 kiloword, Vol. IV

The world’s most difficult word problem: Since the difference between a bathroom and a bedroom is a toilet, I can simplify the first part as 2 Br. – 2 Ba. = -2 (Ba. – Br.) = -2 toilets Unfortunately, I’m … Continue reading

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There is a better life, a better world, beyond the Verizon

Among the mountain of bills and junk mail that accumulated during out tropical absence, we received a letter from Verizon Wireless announcing that the Queen B and I, as employees of the state of South Dakota, might, just might, be … Continue reading

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Invasion of the shoddy snatchers

Prologue It started — for me, it started — on Father’s Day. In response to an early present from the Queen B, I hurried home from the university where I’d been teaching. At first glance, everything looked the same. It … Continue reading

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Kauhale kuhikuhi kauhale

Well, we’re home from Hawaii. We spent a relaxing three weeks on the big island of Hawaii, which is itself called Hawaii.   (This sort of confusing naming convention is common in Hawaii.   We spent most of our time … Continue reading

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