Kauhale kuhikuhi kauhale

Well, we’re home from Hawaii.

We spent a relaxing three weeks on the big island of Hawaii, which is itself called Hawaii.   (This sort of confusing naming convention is common in Hawaii.   We spent most of our time in the town of Kona, situated on  the western half of the island, which is itself called Kona.   To add to the confusion, the town itself is also called Kailua, or Kailua-Kona, or even Kailua-Keauhou.   They ought to save some time and just call everything Konfusin-as-hell; at least you’d know what to expect.)

We did some nice sight-seeing, some hiking, some snorkeling, and a lot of swimming and lollygagging near the shore.   Rather than bore you with the details here, I can instead bore you with the details and hundreds of pictures over at Flickr if you’re interested; just click on the photo-collage below to see our Hawaiian Photo Album.   Mahalo!

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