There is a better life, a better world, beyond the Verizon

Among the mountain of bills and junk mail that accumulated during out tropical absence, we received a letter from Verizon Wireless announcing that the Queen B and I, as employees of the state of South Dakota, might, just might, be eligible for for a state employee discount on our wireless bill.   Sweet.

I logged onto the indicated website and typed in my state ID, only to find that I’m not eligible for the discount, since I apparently make too much money.   Not enough money to pay my wireless bill without donating a pint of AB negative each month, but too much for a rebate.

The Queen B logged on next.   After entering her ID, the computer announced that she — yes, she! — was eligible for the program.   Her discount was being calculated even as we read, and a statement of her total monthly  savings would be sent to her indicated email address within seconds.

She quickly signed out of Verizon and logged into her email.   There, at the top of the inbox, was a mail from Verizon Wireless about her new South Dakota Employee Discount!   She clicked open the mail and read:

Can you hear me (laughing) now?

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