1 picture = 1 kiloword, Vol. IV

The world’s most difficult word problem:

Since the difference between a bathroom and a bedroom is a toilet, I can simplify the first part as

2 Br. – 2 Ba. = -2 (Ba. – Br.) = -2 toilets

Unfortunately, I’m not even sure about the units when you divide an office by a den.


On the one hand, I think it’s awesome that Jesus himself visited Hawaii. On the other hand, I would have expected a sign of higher quality from a carpenter.

On the way home from work, I pass a billboard that looks something like this:

As a student,
he was no Einstein.

Actually, I’m pretty sure he was an Einstein every single day after he was born, failing some initial mix-up at the hospital.

Who says movies are too expensive?

Sweet! That’s 100 movies for under a buck! Date night’s on me!

The hidden cost of weddings:

If you’ve just blown eight grand on cleaning your gown, may I suggest where to rent your movies?

Inadvertent filth (1):

And to think I found those old Wake up with the King commercials were uncomfortably homoerotic.

Inadvertent filth (2):

Based on these examples, I can only assume the fifties were unspeakably raunchy.

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