I have an idea for a political cartoon depicting the extremes of the political spectrum, based on my drive home from work today.

Imagine at a three-laned road, with our gaze fixed on  the back of three cars side-by-side, stopped  at a red-light.   (The red light could be marked, say, 2008 election.)

In the  far left lane is a shiny  new Toyota Prius hybrid,  adorned with Greenpeace decals and two bumper stickers reading 9-11 was an inside job and Nader in 2008.

In the far right was a massive, sputtering Ford truck, adorned with several weathered Bush-Cheney decals and two bumper stickers reading  Alcoholics do it in groups and This truck protected by Smith and Wesson.

In the middle of the road is a smallish car with a driver looking intensely worried at the two whack jobs on either side of him.

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