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Happy St. Patrick's Day

How’s this for the luck of the Irish? ((x2 + (y – 1)2 – 1)3 – x2(y – 1)3) ((x2 + (y + 1)2 – 1)3 + x2(y + 1)3) (((x – 1)2 + y2 – 1)3 – (x – … Continue reading

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Happy Pi Day!

In honor of National Pi Day, recall the best known (and arguably most in need of being retired) pun about that famous constant approximated by 3.14: ? No, pie are round. Cornbread are square. In honor of this, here are … Continue reading

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Order axioms

Student: … well, a negative times a negative is a positive. Professor X: Bah!   Two wrongs don’t make a right! Me: Yes, but three rights make a left. Professor X: Not in politics.

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Link o'the week

Sign generators Warning! And for Calc II students: Make your own at the Warning Label Generator.   There’s also a Tombstone Generator and a Street Sign Generator. On the same token, also try out the Church Sign Generator, which is … Continue reading

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Innumeracy redux

One would think I’d already learned my lesson. It’s another Wednesday, and I’ve gone back to Burger King because… well… I’m hungry and I’ve got forty minutes to eat lunch nestled smack in the middle of six hours of back-to-back … Continue reading

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