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Burnin' rubber

Today was the annual Black Hills Duck Race, wherein some fourteen thousand rubber duckies lazily work their way down a mile long stretch of Rapid Creek in the infinitesimal hope that one of them will earn some lucky person a … Continue reading

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Win some, lose some

Sigh. I just got a rejection letter  from a journal to which I sent a paper for publication.   This is kind of a bummer, made worse for the amount of time I’ve been waiting to find out. I sent … Continue reading

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Fearful symmetries

A couple weeks back, the Ladybug (and Queen B and I) was visited by her grandmother from the East Coast, the Nana B.   Well, this week, in a show of continental symmetry, she’s being visited by her grandmother from … Continue reading

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Since beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light

I just watched the Avatar: the Last Airbender series finale. Well, actually, I watched it yesterday when it premiered on Nickelodeon at 6… and then again when it was broadcast again on Nickelodeon’s west-coast feed at 9… and then again … Continue reading

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Newsletter: month twenty-eight

(267, 1, ‘2008-07-19 20:26:06’, ‘2008-07-19 20:26:06’, ‘Dear Ladybug, Today you turn twenty-eight months old! …No wait.   This month you turned twenty-eight months old, but it’s easy to confuse this with last month since you started it off by getting … Continue reading

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