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The Rapid City Journal recently ran an article about the various dress codes for Halloween costumes at area schools, in particular noting how many schools have eliminated any observance of Halloween on campus at all.   Early on, the article … Continue reading

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I'd like to buy a clue, please, Pat

I’m not a big game show fan; indeed, I actively despise almost every new game show that’s appear since the nadir of televised trivia that is Who Wants to be a Millionaire debuted.   (Except Wipeout.   I loves me … Continue reading

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Newsletter: month thirty-one

Dear Ladybug, Yesterday you became thirty-one months old, which in some sense was actually quite anti-climactic, in that you’ve been spending most of this month becoming, as you put it, A. BIG. GIRL. We started this month out with a … Continue reading

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Things to do in Denver when you're Dedekind

This weekend I was in Denver as an invited speaker at the University of Colorado’s Denver campus.   Some of the UCD Math faculty attended a talk I gave at the regional MAA meetings in April and invited me to … Continue reading

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Ambition, distraction, uglification and derision

While grading homework for my Dynamical Systems class — an assignment that admittedly involved quite  a number of involved calculations involving complex-matrix eliminations and the computation of Jordan bases — I found this hastily inscribed on the back of one … Continue reading

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