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Link o'the Week

Star Wars stuff Apparently Spike TV is going to be showing all of those hideous Star Wars prequels this weekend.   In case you cannot remember how bad they work, you might consider reading the 95 Theses Against the Phantom … Continue reading

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An Appel a day

Here’s a neat picture of a torus: But do you know what’s even cooler about it?   Just flip it over: What you get is a subdivision of the torus into seven regions, each of which overlaps the other six. … Continue reading

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Newsletter: month thirty-five

Dear Ladybug, Yesterday you turned thirty-five months old, meaning you’re now less than one month away from officially turning three years old, and officially growing up way to fast. This upcoming birthday is something of a big deal to you, … Continue reading

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In defense of j

I’m about to commit an act of mathematical heresy. I am a complex analyst by trade, which means I am a mathematician who studies the properties and utility of using complex numbers in calculus operations. Complex numbers, you might recall, … Continue reading

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9:00. I enter my office after dropping off the Ladybug at daycare to find five messages on my answering machine.   As I am giving an exam today, I suspect I will be treated to five different variations on the … Continue reading

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