Give me your tired, your poor

At Burger King today, I witnessed the Statue of Liberty get into a heated argument with Uncle Sam over the culinary merits of brine-fermented cucumbers. For a moment I thought I might be suffering from food-poison-induced hallucinations before I realized it was just two Liberty Tax monkeys arguing over whether or not to add extra pickles on their burgers.

I’ve never quite understood why tax preparers attempt to attract business by having people dress up in outlandish costumes whilst simulating epileptic fits in front of said place of business.   I mean, really… your tax preparer is someone who is going to crunch a bunch of your fiscal numbers in an attempt to solve a potentially pricey (at least for you) optimization problem.   That being said, is this really the mascot you want to showcase this mathematical muscle?

Yeah, me neither. Between you and me, I’m gonna put my trust in the tax company who use Lewis Skolnick as their mascot.

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2 Responses to Give me your tired, your poor

  1. Jake says:

    What do you have against people afflicted with Epilepsy? You insensitive twitt.

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