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The world is everywhere dense with FAIL

FAIL, FAIL, everywhere, and not a thought to think…1 It’s at my storage locker: It’s at the toy store: It’s in the choice of a business slogan: It’s all over the internet: or here*: * Then again, you know how … Continue reading

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To the programmers in charge of the “bowling hint” computer program at the local bowling alley: For the detailed information you provide about how to line up my shot, or the speed at which the ball should be rolled in … Continue reading

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Go fish

It’s impossible to drive around the Midwest and not see the Ichthys on the sides of businesses and the backs of cars, especially Fords and Chevys, usually next the gun rack and the Re-Elect Cheney bumper sticker.   And by … Continue reading

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One of those "circle of life" things

Sigh. One of my favorite web comics, Brown Sharpie, is at an end.   After three-plus years, cartoonist Courtney has decided to cap those noxious fumes and focus on newer and more exciting things (like grad research!   and beer! … Continue reading

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A birthday puzzle

Today is my birthday. Being a mathematician, I noted that if I add to my current age half my age again, then resulting sum, rounded up and read in reverse, is my age again. Neat. How old am I?

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