That would be worth the $3 surcharge

In order to save the heathen souls of me and my daughter, the Queen B decided to take us to church for Easter Sunday.   As we settled into the pews to wait for the service, the Queen B sifted through her purse to find some cough medicine for the little girl (who has been a little sick).   In the process, she found a pair of 3D glasses she’d pilfered from the movie theater a few nights previous.

Not surprisingly (given the location), the Ladybug started asking questions about God.   Also not surprisingly (given the location), the Queen B felt my answers might lead to an errant lightning bolt or two during the service, so she decided to field them.

“Where is God?” the Ladybug asked.

“In Heaven,” said the Queen B.

“Where Papa K and Papa F are?” asked the Ladybug.

“Yes, that’s right,” said the Queen B.

“Can I see God?” asked the Ladybug.

“We can’t see Him here on Earth,” said the Queen B, “because He’s up in Heaven.”

“What does God look like?” she continued.

“Well, we can see Him all around us in everything we see…” tried the Queen B.

“Oh,” said the Ladybug.   A moment later, she grabbed the B’s purse and pulled out the glasses.   She slid them on and started looking around the chapel intently.

“What are you doing?” asked the Queen B.

“I’m trying to see God in 3-D.”

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