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'Tis the season

I’m outside the jeweler’s at the mall doing some Christmas shopping when I spy two of the sales associates pounce on two different gentlemen perusing the necklaces. The first is a youngish fellow with a sleeping baby in a stroller, … Continue reading

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Chicken scratch

I was cleaning up my desk for Christmas break, and I stumbled across the heavily doodled-upon minutes of a November department meeting during which I discovered across a remarkable proof mine own nerdery, and whose margins were indeed wide enough … Continue reading

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Go with the flow

Two vignettes from Dynamical Systems this semester. Students were studying for the Dynamical Systems final exam in the department library.   A computer science major strolled by and, seeing the activity, asked “Why is it I always find this room … Continue reading

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Question raised whilst listening to students studying for abstract algebra outside my office door

“Nilpotent member.” “Idempotent unit.” Why does everything in abstract algebra sound like a euphemism for erectile dysfunction?

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If nothing else, I respect his honesty

My office, during the last week of class: Student: Dr. K? Me: Yup? Student: I’m not sure how well I’m doing in your class. Me: Let’s see… [ Consults gradebook. ] You have a 60% on Exam 1, a 40% … Continue reading

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