I never metapost I didn't like

Life has been unusually hectic around the Komplexify home of late, largely because we’re trying to sell the Komplexify home. As a result, I can never seem to find the time to post anything here anymore. More to the point, I seem to have forgotten how to write posts here anymore.

Thank the FSM for the internets.

For example, a quick detour through Google taught me everything I need to know to write amazing posts:

(Click on the pic to enjoy the rest, courtesy of Coyote Crossing.   As an added bonus, it includes a handy primer on comment threads as an added bonus.)

Of course, we’re not typically purposefully incendiary here at Komplexify (and if you disagree, piss off bastard).   If anything, we’re unnecessarily nerdy, whence the following primer on writing about science.

(Click on the pic for the rest, courtesy of The Guardian’s Lay Scientist.)

And just because Charlie Brooker is hilarious, here is his how-to guide on how to report the news.

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